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Machine learning in sales forecasting

How can machine learning help your retail business? Learn more about the opportunities this technology has, compared to current (statistical) systems.

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What you’ll learn

Sales forecasting is the cornerstone of budgeting for all businesses. Imagine the advantages if your sales forecasting error rate is near zero: all your margins go up. But how to go about it? What do you need? How can you make the best decision?

Statistical methods versus machine learning

We’ll compare the differences and advantages of both for sales forecasting.

Tips to implement machine learning

Learn which four big challenges you can tackle upfront so that implementation will go a lot easier and more

How to get best results

Do you need to develop your own solution or is a software package a better option? Three arguments to you help you make this decision.

Case study included

To give you an idea about how sales forecasting can help you, we share one of our case studies (including the financial side of sales forecasting).


More than half a million dollar saved in our case study by implementing our software.

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