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We simplify data-driven sales forecasting for ultrafresh food

A bad sales forecast has a snowball effect on costs. 

Food waste. Potential manco’s and thus moving heaven and earth to maintain service levels. The inefficiencies pile up if you start off with a wrong fresh forecast.

Fresh is different

Fresh food is like playing in the Champions League. It’s just different. We focus on forecasting for fresh and tailor our software accordingly.

Minimal fuzz with IT

Different files from clients, changing structures, new data.. We keep your IT team happy and fix 90% of the work for you!

Smart touch technology

Our notifications focus attention on what’s needed. Via the dashboard you can analyse as deep as necessary, as little as possible. 

How it works?

You receive a short-term sales forecast on product/store (or warehouse) level. We take care of all things tech and data. Our forecast engines comebines statistical, machine learning and deep learning models to ensure you get the best result possible. We add a certainty interval to our forecast and notify you on what needs attention. All the rest is automated.


Stay competitive and do the right thing

By plugging the power of technology into your fresh food operations. One step at a time. Why wait? From optimising short-term performance to ensuring long-term resilience of your business. The data you need are already in your systems. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

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Proven ROI

Our bottom line is improving yours. We work from a customer-first mindset and are committed to deliver results.

Sales forecasting

Decision intelligence

Tailored for fresh

Powered by artificial intelligence

For retail & retail suppliers

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On a larger mission

To enable passionate food professionals in all industries to manage the complex nature of their fresh operations. Together we strive for zero food waste and the freshest products.

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