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The best sales forecast for fresh food

Higher gross margins, less out-of-stocks, less food waste, ultrafresh products & happy customers. Your business deserves it. Our planet does too. Scroll down to learn more. 

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More money, less waste

Thanks to our accurate sales forecast & powerfull insights, you stop throwing away the food and the money. Win-win.

Easy implementation

You can plugin our “turbo” to your current systems. No full-system implementation but piggyback on what you have.

Data-driven decisions

With perishables, a good forecast makes all the difference. Move from “guesstimations” to powerful data-driven decision making.

What we do

We forecast sales of fresh products with machine learning. A “turbo” that’s plugged into your current systems and way of working. Empowering you to optimise all related processes, giving your experts the opportunity to focus on the high-value taksk.

Why choose machine learning?

The characteristics of the technology increases the accuracy of the forecast. That’s where the added value for fresh food comes in, due to the short shelf-live of products. 

Stay competitive and do the right thing

By plugging the power of technology into your fresh food operations. One step at a time. Why wait? From optimising short-term performance to ensuring long-term resilience of your business. The data you need are already in your systems. That’s easy, right?
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Five industries. One Mission.

Our bottom line is improving yours. Worried about compliance? We got you covered.

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On a larger mission

To enable passionate food professionals in all industries to manage the complex nature of their fresh operations. Together we strive for zero food waste and the freshest products.

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