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Sales forecasting for fresh food, powered by artificial intelligence

A good sales forecast has a snowball effect on efficiency

Food waste, out of stocks and thus moving heaven and earth to reach your service levels. Inefficiencies pile up if you start from an incorrect forecast. In a dynamic sector such as fresh food, you need an equally dynamic technology that supports your forecasters.

Fresh is different

Fresh food is Champions League: next level. That is why our focus is only on this sector.

Top notch technology

Scalable, powerful, easy to use and powered by artificial intelligence.

In close collaboration

We are not suppliers, but partners for both business and IT. Your success is ours.

How does it work?

We predict the short term sales of fresh food: what will you sell tomorrow, next week, 12 days,… This is possible at SKU, SKU/store or SKU/warehouse level. You will receive the best possible sales forecast from us per product, including notifications that tell you what your forecaster should check. Everything else is automated.


A more sustainable turnover

Why wait? From more short-term performance to long-term resilience. Your company becomes more sustainable and so does your turnover. The data you need is already in your systems. Easy, right?

You can count on us 😉

We work from a customer-oriented mindset. Driven to deliver results.

Sales forecast

Short term forecast

Solely for fresh

Powered by artificial intelligence

For retail and their suppliers

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Our mission

Preventing food waste by leveraging new technology. An important accelerator for a sustainable food future in which we have 10 billion people to feed. Technology makes a real difference to the food industry and their passionate people.

Ready to take your fresh forecast to the next level? Let’s talk!