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Machine learning sales forecasting for fresh

Is fresh a differentiator for your business? Is forecasting a challenge? Enter the computing power of artificial intelligence. This technology enables you to tackle the problem of sales forecasting in the best way possible.

Without ML computing power

“Tom is our planner for 10 years now, he knows how much extra BBQ meat needs to be ordered during the first warm weekend of summer.”  

*In year 11, Tom leaves the firm

With ML computing power

200 shops x 200 products x 3 weather variables x 7 days of the week  x 4 seasons = 3.360.000 potential relationships taken into account. With only three parameters. We calculate much more.

How it works?

Machine learning learns from your historical data and other influencing parameters: internal factors such as promotions, and external trends such as local weather and public holidays. 

✓ Takes more parameters into account 

✓ Finds hidden patterns in the data

✓ Learns automatically and picks up new trends a lot faster (than statistics for example)

Sharp insights 

Machine learning makes a more accurate forecast than other technologies. That’s where the added value is: with highly-perishable goods, the accuracy makes all the difference.

All processes based on it, are optimised too. From ordering to planning of promotions and personnel. Resulting in less food waste, better availability of products, fresher quality and happy customers.

Power to the people!

Planners need to look into the future several times a week. They need a tool that is fit for the challenge. No more Excel stress or boring manual tasks? Enter Foresightee. Enjoy your job more, free up time to focus on high-value tasks, and make a difference with our software. The machine learns from you and you learn from the machine. Win-Win. 

Still a bit skeptical? Yes please! We believe the proof is in the pudding. Using and trusting technology is part of our product and our process. 

Is this for you?

You need historical sales data of three years. If you can check that box, machine learning sales forecasting is a possibility for you. Getting fresh-food forecasting right is more important than ever so why not check it out? We can work in different steps:

Historical test
We feed the algorithm 80% of your data and “forecast” the remaining 20%. Since the actual sales already happened, you have the perfect experiment to check if this works for you. 
Let it run in parallel
If immediate implementation is too fast, you can let your and our forecast run in parallel. That way, you can compare and your staff learns to trust the technology. 
Ready, set? Then we plug-in our turbo forecast into your current systems so you can keep your current dashboards. In need of new dashboards or is a simple overview already enough? Let’s discuss!

How can Foresightee help you?

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