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We are all MAD* here

*Making a difference


Hi, nice to meet you!

We are Foresightee, an international team on a mission to prevent food waste by leveraging new technologies. The combination of our expertise, experience, goals and personalities makes us a team that can take on a challenge!

Mahmoud Sohrabi

Technology – LinkedIN

Our blueberry in a sea of raspberr(y p)ies. If you know what we just did there and thought it was funny: please apply! Mahmoud is our tech mastermind & machine learning expert.

Filip Fontaine


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Filip advises us with his expertise and fruity look on things, preferably during early mornings.

Davy Cielen

Technology – LinkedIN

Davy spices up our team like a true chilli pepper. He seamlessly combines all tech and business flavours, pushing us to the next level. His forecast experience is priceless!

Our full team

The fruitbowl

Since we ran out of edible photo’s and ditto metaphors: if you want to meet the whole team, get in touch. We got some hidden gems in our fruitbowl!

Judith Ketelslegers

All the rest (CEO) – LinkedIN

Let’s be honest. The best part of the whole fruit salad is the watermelon. You don’t always notice when it’s there. But when it’s missing, nothing tastes complete.

(fill in name)

Be our cherry on top

Want to join the food waste fight? Freelancer, employee or another interesting form of collaboration: let’s talk?

What about us?

We are a profit for purpose business led by our mission to prevent food waste. When we collaborate, expect us not to be merely involved. Expect a committed team, striving towards a goal. 

We combine experts of different fields (business, communications & technology) to ensure result, with both our technology and our people as the enablers. 

The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones that do. 

50.800 kg of food gets thrown away every second, which means land and resources used and greenhouse gases emitted in producing it that were unnecessary. Solving food waste is needed to ensure future food security and to solve climate change.

For the latter, we have now entered the most decisive decade in human history. We have left dealing with the climate crisis for over more than 50 years. We have now reached the point that unless we can half emissions in the next ten years, we will have lost the opportunity to deal with climate change. We have to decide what generation we want to be. Do we say it’s too difficult? Or do we want to approach this with the mindset of possibilities and give it everything we’ve got? Genuine success is still possible at this time. We are all part of it.