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We are Foresightee, an international team on a mission to prevent food waste. The combination of our expertise, experience, goals and personalities makes us a team that can take on a challenge.

Judith Ketelslegers

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Youri vd zwalmen

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Mahmoud Sohrabi

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Kurt biesemans

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Filip Fontaine

Advisor & chairman

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About us

We are a profit for purpose company guided by our mission to prevent food waste. When we work together, expect us not to be involved alone. Expect a committed team, striving towards a goal.

Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.

Every second, we throw away 50.800 kg of food in the bin. Fixing that problem is a necessity in all future scenario’s. To feed 10 billion people and to save our climate. 

We have now entered the most decisive decade for our climate and we need to decide which generation we want to be. Do we keep saying it’s too hard? Maybe try something later? Or do we make the change happen all together. We’re all part of it.